Patient Testimonials

"Dr. Ray is was very nice and I was able to ask questions and understand what's going on."
- Vincent

"Great doctors, great service, and extremely nice office staff."
- Armando M.

"Dr. Patel is very professional and knowledgeable!! He also has great bedside manners! I highly recommend him to my family and friends!!"
- Beverly R.

"My first appointment with Dr. Strauss went well. I was happy that he listened to my concerns and also looked at the old records that I brought with me and gave his diagnosis and advice. I hope my future visits with Dr. Strauss are just as pleasant albeit with a shorter wait time :)"
- Rashid N.

"Dr. Tan is very professional and informative. I am definitely going to become a regular patient."
- Shirley B.

"My first visit, I moved to Houston, have chronic kidney disease, he saw me within 20 minutes, I went down to the 1st floor, and had labs done, and have an ultrasound scheduled next week. It just doesn't get any better than that. Thanks to Dr. Ray, and his staff!!"
- Susan P.

"I've been coming here for a year now. I was diagnosed with PKD. Yes the wait time the first time I came was long but it was definitely worth it. Dr. Patel put me at ease when explaining my condition, further more he asked for a CT immediately after I told him of frequent headaches. Great doctor thus guy is, I have moved out of Houston but I'll drive the hour it takes to come here"
- Ana V.